WiseFish, a certified Microsoft solution, has become our leading product worldwide and covers the whole seafood value chain from fishing and aquaculture through production to sales and distribution. It’s suitable for all types and sizes of seafood businesses and has been used for over 20 years worldwide.

Wise Subscription and hosting packages
Economical and convenient models that provide opportunities to obtain our business and seafood solutions through a monthly subscription. Rather than up-front purchase costs, there is a monthly charge for the software, upgrading and services. Included is data saving, copying, data security protection and a SQL database. This flexible solution offers the ability to have a variable number of system users depending on your monthly needs, keeping costs at a minimum.

Our core products:
WiseFish: Fishing, Processing, Quality, Trade, Connector, Peripherals & Aquaculture.
BI solutions: Wise Analyzer, Power BI, Cubes and Reports.
Subscription packages.
Wise was founded in 1995 and has today over 80 employees and over 500 customers worldwide.