About Sæplast

SÆPLAST is a world leader in the design and production of double-walled, insulated tubs and three-layer, specially strengthened PE tubs and palettes for use in manufacture of food products and in the recycling industry.

Our guiding light in the design and production of SÆPLAST products is that they must meet the most stringent requirements of our customers, which come from a wide field of operations and from different sectors of the economy. SÆPLAST products are particularly strong, durable and with a high insulating capacity. The smooth surface ensures easy cleaning and greatly improves food safety.

From the outset, SÆPLAST has maintained its reputation as a manufacturer of top quality products, offering excellent services.

About Tempra

Tempra was formed with the merger of the companies Húsaplast ehf and Stjörnusteinn hf. With the merger was formed the largest company in Iceland in the field of EPS production (Expanded Polystyrene). 
Our main production is food packaging and housing insulation from EPS but we also offer many of the necessary accessories for the export of perishable goods and fitting of EPS housing insulation.