Beko – Dimon Fishing Co

beko - dimon fishing co., India was established in 2002 and has been producing high quality fishing hooks and accessories for over a decade now and is being successfully sold in the commercial and long line fishing industry across the globe.

beko is the first company to introduce stainless steel fishing hooks for the long line Industry and has now successfully installed machinery acquired from O.Mustad & Sons, Norway for manufacture of high carbon steel hooks for long line fishing with Duratin plating.

With the advantage of abundant work force for manual jobs like snooding, rigging lines and many other such operations, thus we are able to offer the fishermen the opportunity of a finished product at a very competitive price. Working together with some of the finest in the industry has allowed us to offer some of the best quality products.

beko specialises in stainless steel products and is constantly involved in the development of improving and introducing new products with the synergised ideas fishermen and have always been inclusive of developing / producing customised products for them to test and have been able to deliver at the best possible pricing. With the environment in India favourable for FDI and economical production, we solicit such discussions from like minded companies for closer cooperation.