Athygli’s special field is in assisting companies and organisations to build their image, reputation and trust among stakeholders as well as enhancing their awareness. This is accomplished with strategic communication through appropriate channels. Skilled public relations work is the route for companies and organisations to mould a strong and trusted public image that allows them to develop a strong business position. Athygli offers a comprehensive package of advice on media relations and we can act as a go-between with both local and overseas media. Including both conventional and social media. Our specialists have knowledge of every media and have the insight and experience to assess what is most likely to spark media interest in a way that allows us to serve our clients while aiding the media in reflecting current issues. We also take care of newsletters, pamphlets and publicity material that holds its own in competition with new media. Athygli’s experience and skills in this field are second to none among its peers in Iceland. Giving Athygli a brief to manage your newsletter, booklet or publicity material manes that you’ll have professionals looking after you at every stage of the process.