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DS-Concept Factoring Inc

DS-Concept has been a leading provider of financing to the seafood industry for the past 17 years. DS-Concept provides innovative cash flow solutions tailored for global exporters and importers.

Focused on the mid-market, its core products are export factoring and supply chain finance. The private lender offers streamlined and flexible services combining credit protection, financing, and collections into a single trade finance facility: - Credit protection: DS-Concept eliminates credit risk by insuring you against deficit or shortfall of payment if your customer becomes insolvent. - Financing: DS-Concept advances up to 90% of your company’s receivables and starts funding within 24-48 hours of invoice date. - Collections and reporting: DS-Concept collects receivables and performs bookkeeping on your behalf. Factoring enables financing by leveraging your customers’ financial strength. It helps businesses experience faster growth and compete for larger buyers by offering open account payment terms. The DS-Concept group has built a large global network in the seafood industry as well as an unrivalled reputation for the depth of its international finance expertise and capabilities by maintaining a network of 15 offices and affiliates around the world. They include the USA, Iceland, China, India, Hong Kong, UAE, Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan, UK, Spain, Bulgaria, Hungary and its headquarters in Germany. Its international network is valuable to its customers who get assistance from local experts when entering new markets.

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DS-Concept Factoring GmbH
Flughafenstraße 83
+49 2161 697 790

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