The Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition and Awards opened on Thursday 25 September 2014 in Smárinn in Kópavogur, near Reykjavik in Iceland.

Dubbed IceFish, the exhibition was open from 10-6 on Thursday and Friday, and 10-4 on Saturday 27 September.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary since the event began in 1984, the 2014 exhibition was the 11th in the series and has more than doubled in size over the past decade.

A must for all commercial fisheries organisations and associated businesses, the three year cycle of the show is a direct response to the wishes of the exhibiting companies, as it ensures they have new products on display at each event. In addition to the exhibition itself, an Awards ceremony and a Conference also run alongside the event.

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Icefish 2011

The Icelandic Commercial Fishing Industry

Visitors at IceFish 2014

The Icelandic Ministry of Industries and Innovation and the Federation of Icelandic Industries were just two of the key organisations supporting the exhibition.

IceFish Exhibition photograph

This long-running event started in 1984 and has, since the first exhibition, more than doubled in size.